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Turn your iPhone into a film camera

If you've always wanted to shoot Super 8 movies but the cost of film and equipment have scared you off, the Lumenati CS1 is the perfect solution.

Designed by Denver-based filmmakers Lumenati, the Lumenati CS1 is the world's first cinematic smartcase. By combining old fashioned practicality with the digital power of an iPhone 6, the Lumenati CS1 makes it easier to shoot and share videos.

Simply load you iPhone 6 like a reel of film, then hold down the trigger to start recording. You can attach lenses, lights and mics to the unit, plus it can all be mounted on standard tripods.

With a digital viewfinder you always get a clear idea of what you're recording, even in high ambient light. Add finishing touches to the edit like filters and music thanks to the Lumenati app, and your film will be ready to premiere.

The Lumenati CS1 is currently under develoment – head over to its Kickstarter page to find out more about this smartcase.

Lumenati CS1

Lumenati CS1

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