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Around the Bloq: Top design landmarks, Illustrator tips, manga art and more!

20 design landmarks to see before you die

Grandiose and inspiring, these architectural marvels will take your breath away. Check out this tour of the imagination, from Dubai to Down Under, New York to New Delhi...

10 WebGL sites that will blow you away

WebGL has been around for a while, and it looks like it's here to stay. Creative coder and developer Paul Lewis rounds up 10 of the best new WebGL sites and provides some handy tips along the way, if you, too, want to join the 3D revolution.

Why I've fallen out of love with Apple

Computer Arts art editor Luke O'Neill on why skeuomorphic UI design is driving him away from iOS and the iPhone.

CG and live-action short: Voile Noir

An interview with co-director Michael Balthazart on this technically brilliant student film featuring awesome CG aircraft, cool effects and a great mix of live action and CG.

Stay online during the Olympics

The London 2012 Games are a huge business opportunity, but also a huge technical challenge. Intelligent hosting is the key, says Dominic Monkhouse of PEER 1 Hosting.

Top 20 networking tips for designers

If you want a successful career as a designer, you have to get networking. Paul Wyatt explains how you can get in with the right people and make meetups and social media work for you.

Transform flat letters into 3D type in Illustrator CS6

Illustrator CS6's new feature for applying gradients across strokes is a quick and effective way to transform a simple path into a complex shape. This tutorial explains how to apply gradients to strokes to quickly turn 2D images into 3D.

Genzoman's colourful manga art

If there's one artform that revels in colour, it's manga. In this workshop, comic and card artist Genzoman shows how to make the most of it...