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20 stunning cinemagraphs from classic movies

We all have standout scenes from our favourite movies. A series of frames that may have shocked, scared, impressed, amused, amazed or moved us. These are moments that extend beyond the film, and can often take on a life of their own (Jack Torrance axeing his way through a door, anyone?).

And whatever your favourite movie moments may be, you can now enjoy them on repeat courtesy of a cinemagraph. Unlike animated gifs, which capture a whole section of repeated video, cinemagraphs only represent a small fraction of a scene, and repeat only that movement, whilst the rest of the frame remains frozen. (See how to create your own here.)

The subtlety of cinemagraphs means that, when done well, they can capture the essence of a scene, with the person editing the clip having more creative control over its interpretation than via a simple animated gif.

In this selection of scintillating cinemagraphs we've brought together some of our favourite movie moments. (Check out and for more inspiration.)

Sid and Nancy

West Side Story

The Dark Knight

Office Space



2001: A Space Odyssey

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Dr. Strangelove


The Shining

The Fifth Element

The Big Lebowski


Movie cinemagraphs



Movie cinemagraphs

Pulp Fiction

A Clockwork Orange

No Country for Old Men

Want to master the art of cinemagraph creation? Check out this step-by-step beginner's guide.

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