The best erasers of 2023

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The best erasers, or rubbers, are extremely important for many creatives. Often, they're used to remove mistakes but for artists, they have extra uses as they can also be used to create highlights and special effects. You can use an electric eraser for this purpose, though a kneaded eraser will likely do the trick, especially as they can be shaped into a precise form.

The major types of erasers are gum erasers, these are best for delicate papers; kneaded erasers, which are best for erasing large spaces and creating highlights; eraser pencils – meant for removing fine details; vinyl erasers for removing ink marks; and rubber erasers, which are most often found on the tops of pencils

For this guide, we've scoured the internet and picked a range of the best erasers based on user reviews, as well as our knowledge of the type of erasers artists need. If you're stocking up your pencil case, you may also like our posts on the best pencil sharpeners and the best coloured pencils.

The best erasers available now

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When were erasers invented?

Erasers, also known as rubbers, have been used in many forms for hundreds of years. In the past, people used bread, bits of rubber, wax, or even stone.

In 1770, a natural plant rubber was discovered by Edward Nairne, an English engineer. One day, when he picked up a piece of rubber, he discovered it could erase pencil markings.  He started selling erasers, (known as gum elastic or 'caoutchouc'). Unfortunately, these early erasers didn't last well. They crumbled when used, they were too sensitive to weather conditions and often picked up an unpleasant smell.

In 1839, inventor Charles Goodyear found the solution, a process he called 'vulcanization'. This made rubber more durable and made the eraser into a household name.

Based on his invention, we now have erasers of different types and shapes, each one meant to serve a particular purpose.

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