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What's the difference between web designers and web developers?

web developer vs web designer

Click the image to see the full sized infographic

You love the web; you love to build the web; you love going behind-the-scenes of the web. If these things are true, chances are that you call yourself either a web developer or web designer.

Whilst both groups are devoted to making the internet as functional, beautiful and inspiring as it can be, they're often said to be miles apart in terms of skillset and personality.

And this can lead to clashes between the two 'sides' - which we addressed in our articles 6 ways designers and developers can work together better and 10 design concepts that every web developer needs to know.

Here 1st Web Designer have taken a different tack, creating this handy, illustrated infographic for those who don't have time to read a long article.

"All of that data can sometimes make us feel confused about what the difference of developers and designers really is," they explain. "So, we made an infographic to creatively illustrate how they differ and which profession your skill sets might belong."

Click the image at the top of the post to see the infographic in full. Do you think they nailed it, or missed the point? Let us know in the comments box below!

A founder member of the Creative Bloq team, Sammy Maine is now a freelance journalist. She also thinks that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is probably the best television series ever created.