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Berg’s Little Printer

This is one of those times when we’re not sure if something’s a good idea or not, but we instinctively like it. Berg has announced Little Printer, and it’s this darling little black and white printer that looks like it prints (taking visual cues from traditional halftone lithography and modern pixel art) on a till receipt roll.

What’s the point of it? It delivers you a personalised mini-newspaper of news, puzzles, weather and more every day, compiled from a variety of sources that looks a little thin at the moment but that seems likely to grow before launch.

No computer’s required – it connects wirelessly to a bridge device that plugs straight into your router, and you can set it up and manage it with an iPhone or Android device. And while on one hand it seems a bit pointless (especially if you’re trying to be all environmentally friendly and print less, not more), on the other hand there’s something undeniably pleasing about the idea having a physical printout to keep, in a world where our news and media are increasingly delivered in fleeting digital forms.

Yep, we’re intrigued. If you want to know more, head over to Berg’s site, where you can sign up to receive updates about when you'll actually be able to order it, and also find out about its new Berg Cloud technology that does all the clever stuff behind the scenes.

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