Bill Murray fans, grab your crayons

One day, Michael Coley of small press publisher Belly Kids was in Glasgow visiting a friend. Over a pizza she launched into a sermon about just how great the actor Bill Murray is. The idea stuck in Coley's head and, marshalling a force of illustrators from near and far, he produced Thrill Murray: A Colouring Book Inspired by Bill Murray.

"The next morning I woke up with the idea of the colouring book, that and pizza leftovers for breakfast. We work with lots of illustrators from around the world - the beauty of Twitter and the internet - and when I put the idea to them, they all got to work straight away," explains Coley.

It's unlikely Bill Murray even knows about the project, but that hasn't deterred Belly Kids or illustrators such as Anneka Lange, Bridget Meyne and Logan Fitzpatrick who have all contributed to the book, which sells for £7.99.

No matter what your favourite Bill Murray film is, there's something inside Thrill Murray for you to take your crayons to. "Be it in Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, Rushmore or Life Aquatic, Bill Murray is the diamond of the modern screen, the heartbeat of any worthwhile DVD collection," explains Coley. "Everyone I know feels the same, he is a deity, he is above an actor, he's more than worthy of a colouring book."

Bridget Meyne's Bill Murray artwork

In the past, Belly Kids has produced a Kurt Cobain sticker collection, a 19-track CD about life under the sea, a pizza recipe book and an illustrated book of chaotic poetry.

Logan Fitzpatrick's contribution