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Build your website in Dreamweaver

Following on from the masthead and background layout project, this project shows you how to put a web page together in Dreamweaver using the images exported as the basis for the site's graphic design.

Although now a somewhat complex application, Dreamweaver has the benefit of many major revisions under its belt. Unlike most competing tools, it manages to balance layout capabilities with standards compliance. This mean that it's eminently suitable for creating something that looks good both in a browser and under the hood.

Web standards are at the fore of this particular project: the layout will be based around CSS, rather than tables, and modular in nature. Also, the standing images will be applied as backgrounds, which enables you to change them site-wide just by editing a single document, rather than having to amend - and, if it's a live site, reupload - every file.

Click here to download the support files (256KB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free