The complete guide to using Photoshop

Do you work in a busy design studio? Or are you a freelancer looking to maximise your time? Or maybe even a student wanting to discover the right way of doing common tasks in Photoshop?

If any of the above three sound like you, then you need Computer Arts Studio Training: Photoshop. Over 100 pages you'll discover how to become more efficient in Photoshop across print, web, video and mobile.

Expert in-depth tutorials bring you the correct Photoshop workflow for common tasks such as colour correction, making selections, preparing your assets for video, prototyping sites the right way, and even designing for iOS7.

Cut your design time with our expert tutorial on using actions to speed up your colour correction and image-editing workflow.

Plus, you'll find a raft of expert tips and some hugely inspiring galleries to kickstart your creativity. It's unmissable for anyone who uses Photoshop as part of their daily design work.

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