Image of the day: Art Nouveau by Joanna Pavelescu

Computer Arts: Tell us about the project ...
Joanna Pavelescu:
I met fashion photographer Tomaas online and we decided to collaborate. BG magazine was interested in publishing it. They work with themes and their next theme was Art Nouveau.

We exchanged some ideas back and forth – on the model, make-up and styling – and decided that l would style and dress the model and do the backgrounds. We already had a theme, so l took it from there. The model inspired me most. I also got some Art Nouveau books from my bookshelf to get me in the mood.

CA: How long did each stage of the project take and what was the biggest challenge?
Initially we thought we had five weeks and l wanted to create amazing things. The deadline changed and, from that point on, we moved pretty fast. So l finished the series in 10 days.

The biggest challenge, for me, was that l couldn't touch the model. Meaning the face and the body had to remain intact and very visible. That was tricky. l felt restricted, creatively, and l had to find a way to express myself within this restriction. Another thing was that l had to work on one or two images a day, going back to them later for fine tuning and adjustments. So there was no time to step back in order to see it for real. Also, because of the distance between New York and the Hague, we couldn't meet and look at the images together, unfortunately. But we had intensive contact with each other which was great.

CA: How did you get into design?
I got into design by accident – fate, I would say. Seven years ago l needed a website for my films and l thought it'd be best to make it myself. A friend and l got to work and RocketClowns was born.

CA: How would you describe your style?
I think I’m pretty much still developing, in terms of style. My obsession with illustrative art started in 2012 and there are lots of things I want to experiment with within the medium.

CA: Who or what influences and inspires you?
Inspiration l get from photography, music and the deeper layers of human nature. It could be a book, a film, people and life in general. I need visual input before getting started, when there's no concept or idea in the first place.

So far I've been too lazy to think in terms of concepts and l just wanted to create and be in the flow. Lately I’m working more on concepts and ideas for a particular series, so things move a bit slower.

Art Nouveau credits:
Illustration: Joanna Pavelescu
Photographer: Tomaas
Make up Artist: Susan Donoghue (represented By Ennis, Inc.)
Hairstylist: Seiji Uehara (represented by Ennis, Inc.)
Model: Virginia Slaghekke At Trump Models

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