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The best part about the Mac App Store (and indeed the iTunes App Store) is, in our opinion, finding hidden gems of creative apps that you just wouldn't normally come across. One such app that caught our attention is the Kickstarter-funded LetterMpress from mpressInteractive and Bonadies Creative.

The app, available for Mac and iPad, puts you in control of a virtual Letterpress press. Sounds a little cheesy, yes, but it is in fact incredibly good fun and capable of some pretty good results. There are two modes in the app: Compose and Print. In Compose mode, you choose typefaces (including Atlas, Bradley, Clarendon Bold, Gothic Bold and Headline Modified) from the Type & Art tray and drag your chosen wood blocks onto the surface. Using the Galley tray, you can build up your different elements so you can use different colours within your designs.


The interactivity of the app is without question what makes it so addictive. Blocks nudge each other as you drag them (as they would in real life) and you can use furniture to space your letters and other decorative elements.

Then, using the Print options, you can use sliders (cleverly disguised as palette knives) to mix inks. After choosing a paper stock, click-and-drag the handle on the press to run off your print. Return to the Galley tray, pick your design from the Paper tray and print again. You can export up to 8192 pixels – over 26-inches at 300dpi.

LetterMpress costs £6.99 for Mac and £3.99 for iPad. See more here.

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