24 eye-catching flyer designs

19. MASiMAS Festival

They may look like random blobs, but a lot of thought went in these flyer designs for this Barcelona-based music festival. The design and art direction is the work of Spanish creative Quim Marin, who designed different variations of the central motif to capture each of the different musical genres on offer at the event, including jazz, electronica and techno.

20. Morph

It was hard to choose from the many flyer designs that art director and graphic designer Ed Price has created for Morph, a popular techno night in Bristol, UK, but this one just pipped it for us. We love the splash of colour in amongst the clean black type and the neutral woman's face.

21. Penguin Rider

Creative agency Zim & Zou is well known for its spectacular paper art, and this skiing penguin flyer design, for a snowboard and skiing contest in France, is a great example. This is no computer wizardry – the team actually created a snow scene from paper and wire, and photographed it to appear on the flyer (on-set photo included for scale). A specially designed custom font completes the cool design.

22. Soi

soi flyer

Soi is a Thai street food canteen in Geneva, Switzerland. Budapest-based graphic designers Eszter Laki and Réka Imre aimed to capture this cultural mashup in their identity design, which includes these postcard-style flyers. The logo is based around the colours of the Thai flag, with comic-strip style lettering, while the flyers feature typical characters you might find on the streets of Bangkok. 

23. AIGA

It's a daunting task creating the branding for a gathering of America's leading design association, so when AIGA needed a look for its annual conference, it put the task in the safe hands of leading creative agency Mother Design. The team put together a range of material, including motion graphics, site banners, posters, and these quirky flyer designs.

"Our design solution became a metaphor for the organisation and annual conference itself: evolving over time and embracing the beautiful, messy and sometimes unexpected ways that people and ideas come together in one place," says Mother Design on its website.

24. Ateliers Ouverts

French graphic design bureau Nouvelle étiquette created these intriguing flyers for an open studio event in the Alsace region. For the 2017 identity, the team drew inspiration from artist François Génot, with each element providing a clue to how Génot creates his artworks. 

Following the artist's lead, the design team collected different objects, placed them on a pre-printed background, and spray painted around them to create an silhouette. It's worth checking out the project on Behance for a glimpse into the weird and wacky creative process! 

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