11 stunning examples of invitation design

If you're a designer you've certainly designed an invitation, whether for yourself, a friend, or a client. But finding inspiration isn't always easy. There are many ways to make an impression and set the scene to an event beforehand, and one of the most important ways to do so is through invitations.

An invitation design is often the first touchpoint for an event, so it has to embody the essence of what you're trying to achieve. Here are some beautiful and innovative examples of invitation cards, using a variety of different printing methods – both contemporary and traditional – which we hope will offer some creative inspiration for your next invitation deisgn.

01. Chase Kettl

Invitation design: Chase Sketti

Simple materials and beautiful typography make these wedding invites a joy

San Diego based graphic designer Chase Kettl has produced this beautiful invitation design set. The simple of use of materials, combined with the technique and impactful use of typography, offers an original set of wedding invitations. The laser cut use of type and simple imagery also contrasts well with the material choice and format.

02. Happycentro

Invitation design: Happycentro for Louis Vuitton

Origami is the central theme for these invitations

Italian based design studio Happycentro was commissioned by Louis Vuitton to produce these breathtaking and alternative examples of invitation design. The use of printing methods, with subtle use of pattern, compliment the origami idea and balance out the complex design and concept with the simple use of colour and stock.

Invitation design: Happycentro

Luxury, complexity, and simplicity combine to great effect

03. RoandCo Studio

Invitation design: swimwear launch

Hand painted driftwood features on these swimwear launch invites

RoandCo Studio took inspiration from natural beach elements for their upcoming swimwear collection. The whole campaign was punctuated with the use of hand painted driftwood.

There is a beautiful balance between the use of stock, and also the use of typography to communicate both the relaxed yet sophisticated and high end feel of the brand.

04. Are We Designer

Invitation design: Wearedesign

Espionage is the theme for these invitations

German-based design team Are We Designer came up with this special edition collection of personalised invitation design to promote a colour range for an automobile company. The simple presentation and rich use of type and stock works well in creating a mysterious invitation, followed by more complex and compact infographics once it has been opened.

Invitation design: Wearedesign 2

Mysterious invite to the secretive world of a car launch

05. Rachael Ward

Invitation design: Rachael Ward

These wedding invites have a bright mix of the modern and traditional

Rachael Ward's invitation design is a refreshing and welcoming alternative. She has used a variety of different printing methods, and alternative materials to create this unique set of wedding invitations. The modern print versus the organic and traditional print and use of typography is really what pull this series together.

06. Murmure

Invitation design: Murmure 1

Museum event invite is a tactile and visual delight

French based design studio Murmure has came up this amazing set of invitation designs with a very interesting choice of material for a museum light night in Europe. The use of transparency and beautiful serif typography really communicate the events concept and reflect the different ways in which the invitations can exist depending on the context they are put in.

07. Murmure

Invitation design: Murmure 2

Glow-in-the-dark invite matches the electro event perfectly

Another beautiful and innovative example of invitation design from the french designers Murmure. This invitation was part of the promotional material for an electro music festival, working with material that again changes its aesthetic based on context and enviroment.

This glow-in-the-dark promotional material uses futuristic and electro influences, and typography to attract its audiences and create mood and atmosphere.

08. Gummy Industries

Invitation design: Gummy Industries

Mmmmmmmm, chocolate!

Italian Gummy Industries has come up with this amazing idea, which is an invitation that's sure to attract and be a welcomed by many of us.

This original and unique set of wedding invitation design uses chocolate wrapping as a medium to inform and delight its guests. Using all the conventions of a candy wrapper, this is one of the most original example yet.

Invitation design: chocolate wrapper

An utterly brilliant and original way to invite people to your wedding

09. LSDK

Invitation design: LSDK

Impactful colour combination makes these invites a visual treat

LSDK is a team of German designers, who have come up with this simple yet very impactful example of an invitation design. The combination of textures within the stock and the vivid and lively colours all combine well in celebration for the event and all communicate efficiently – offering a modern yet high end series of mail-out invites.

10. Elena Bulay

Invitation design: Elena Bulay

Traditional methods effectively utilised to make this an incredibly elegant invitation

Russian creative Elena Bulay has produced this beautiful invitation set using intense traditional printing methods and offers something very original and organic which suits the occasion perfectly.

She has combined pattern, texture, and a considered use of typography to produce this litho print engraving, resulting in a hand-rendered and bespoke alternative to invitations.

11. Gavin Strange

wedding invite inspiration

Designer Gavin Strange brought his creative flair to the table for these 'save the dates'

These wedding invites are from Aardman's senior designer Gavin Strange. Designed using Hoefler & Co's typefaces 'Gotham', 'Knockout' and 'Surveyor', they were then hand letter pressed in metallic gold ink on 425gsm cotton white 'Waterford' paper by The Printsmith. "We finished them off by hand 'edging' the cards with a metallic gold edge and thin border around the front," says Strange, "and popped them in black velvet envelopes."

Have you spotted any great invitation design examples? Let us know about your experiences in the comments!

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