The news in GIFs: Bowie, Bing and burgers

With such busy schedules to keep, you might not have had the chance to catch up on this week's biggest design news stories. Lucky for you, we've rounded up the five key pieces of design news in this handy little list that will make sure you get to the good stuff, quickly.

01. David Bowie: 1947-2016

bowie through the ages

Icon of creativity, David Bowie tragically died this week but his death inspired illustrators from around the globe to create work that celebrated his life and legacy – we gathered some together.

Above image and main image: Helen Green

02. New York library gave away 180,000 images

The New York Public Library digitised and made over 180,000 photos, illustrations, maps and more available, which you can download in the highest resolution possible with no permissions and no restrictions. This is a good thing. You can also explore this crazy-awesome visualisation which is way more fun than it should be.

03. McDonald's changed its burger bags

Burger behemoth McDonald's let the cat out of the bag this week by announcing a change to its paper takeaway bags, ushering in a new era of... er... a retro-looking, type-based design. Take a look at it over here and give us your thoughts in the post comments.

04. Typography for a one-off feature in Audi Magazine

Sawdust created a new typeface for German car-maker Audi – this will be used in some corporate literature and is not replacing the company's iconic logotype. However its legibility has been called into question – what do you reckon? Tell us in the comments.

05. Bing had a mini-rebrand

Just two years after its last rebrand, Bing's logo has been updated with an upper-case 'B', a flat 'b' logo, and some green. Microsoft used to be indecisive, but now it's not so sure…

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Craig Stewart

Craig Stewart is a writer, SEO strategist and content marketer, and is a former editor of Creative Bloq. Craig has written about design, typography, tech and football for publications including Creative Bloq, T3, FourFourTwo and DSG, and he has written a book on motoring for Haynes. When he's not writing, you'll usually find Craig under his old car learning about DIY repairs the hard way.