15 inspiring examples of ticket design

For many people, a ticket is merely something that allows them entry to an event. But for others it's so much more. People keep tickets for many different reasons; as a reminder of a favourite concert, a winning game, or to become part of the collage maker's art.

The art of ticket design is a challenge for any creative; the aim being to heighten people's excitement towards the event, as well as creating a design so awesome they won't think of throwing it in the bin. Yet the canvas is a small one, and designing a clear and attractive ticket is often an test of how best to utilise the golden ratio. Here are some fantastic examples of ticket design that do more than simply meet the brief.

01. Tamarack campground

Graphic designer Theresa Garritano created these vintage-style tickets for Tamarack Campground's 1st annual pig roast

This vintage-style ticket design was created by graphic designer Theresa Garritano. A freelance project, Garritano developed these for privately owned campground Tamarack, a frequent summer getaway for the designer. Featuring all the vital event information in a clear and stylish way, the ticket design leaves you with no doubt as to the event's main attraction.

02. A Design Film Festival

Singapore-based creative studio Anonymous created this clean, simple ticket design for a film festival in 2011

This clean and simple ticket design was developed by Singapore-based creative studio Anonymous for the second installment of the Design Film Festival event. The clear design features the name of the viewer's chosen film printed prominently on bright, eye-catching red 170gsm Nadali paper.

03. NTU fashion week

This stylish design was created by Un.titled for Nottingham Trent University's graduate fashion week

Creative agency Un.titled devloped these sexy and stylish tickets for Nottingham Trent University's graduate fashion week. The sophisticated ticket design, which features bold, black typography printed on a simple dark grey background, reflects the event it goes with perfectly.

04. Design lecture

Inspired by a quote by American graphic designer Edward Fella, Kris Tsao developed this creative ticket design

Art director Kris Tsao is the brains behing this ticket design for a Savannah College of Art and Design lecture on American graphic designer Edward Fella. Taso comments on his website, "This design was a visual interpretation of the quote, 'Design is always permission given or allowance taken', from Ed Fella."

05. Reunion tickets

After many iterations, the front left ticket was chosen as the final design for this high school reunion

These designs for a high school reunion cleverly use different font sizes to convey the event information. Out of these many iterations, the front left was chosen as the final design. An event to remember, the ticket design will undoutbedly have been kept as a souvenier by many.

06. Type Factory

Jinisha Patel was inspired by clocking in cards for his ticket design

A project set by ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers), graphic designer Jinisha Patel came up with this design for a fictional typographic museum and gallery in London. Based on a factory theme, Patel developed these clocking in and out cards as a way of interaction for the visitors as they walk through the Type Factory.

07. Ancora music festival

This minimalist design was created by graphic designer Christina Paone for the Ancora music festival in Vancouver

Graphic designer Christina Paone developed this mimimalist design to promote the Ancora music festival in Vancouver. Ticket designs had to reflect the various entry options; all access passes, day passes, or one night stand tickets. The neatly places logo, text and efficient use of white space make this a simple but effective design.

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