5 top grid systems for web designers

When I begin a new project, half the battle is starting on the right foot. I imagine others feel the same, as they navigate countless tools and blogs trying to work out what is new and recommended. However, no matter what problem we’re trying to solve, a few elements are always necessary, and one of them is a grid system.

While Bootstrap and Foundation are great in many cases, it can take a lot of work to customise them for each project, and the array of options can make them heavy and clunky, with a lot of unnecessary features. With grids, it’s important to find a tool  that is lightweight and lets you get to work right away. It should have CSS classes that are easy to use, and it should be responsive design-friendly.

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Sam Kapila

Sam is a designer living in Austin, Texas, who speaks and writes extensively about web and product design, diversity, inclusion, and equity. In 2011, she wrote the first university course on the topic of Responsive Web Design. She is currently Design Director at thoughtbot, and serves on several design advisory boards in Austin.