What's next for the web browser?

Future of the web browser
(Image credit: Future)

January 2020 saw the release of the first Microsoft Edge browser to be powered by Google's Chromium engine, which joined Chrome, Samsung Internet and Opera in the list of Chromium-powered browsers. According to Statcounter, this means 70 per cent of users are now using Google-powered browsers.

But what does that mean for the future of the web browser? Nico Turca explores what's happening in the browser space, what it means for developers and users, and how diversity can be promoted. For more information on web browsers, see our roundup of the best web browsers and our history of the web browser. Need some great resources? Check out this list of hot web design tools or the best web hosting services right now.

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Turco is a senior front-end developer at Foolproof, an experience design company with offices in the UK and Singapore that delivers digital products and services globally.