Manage your projects better

Never forget that the design business is, well, a business. Which means that you need to account for your time, track the hours you spend on a project and ensure you’re billing for every second of input you put into a client brief. Why is this important? Because too often creatives find themselves shovelling extra hours into projects which aren’t accounted for. In a busy environment, this causes backlogs and bottlenecks which, if unchecked, damage a business’ reputation and bottom line. The same applies to small studios and freelancers working from home – if you can’t deliver on time and on budget, you’re unlikely to be hired again. Knowing when to work, how to work, and who’s working on what is important. But equally important is ensuring you’re paid for your time.

Similarly, keeping projects on track and ensuring they hit a given deadline does more than ensure you get paid: it grows your reputation. No one employs a bad plumber, even if they undercut the competition with their quote. The same stands for creatives. Do the work well, deliver it on time, and you’ll only get positive recommendations.

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Tom Dennis

Tom Dennis is a journalist, editor and content director with more than a decade’s experience working on international magazines, newspapers, and websites. While Tom is an expert on all things tech, having previously edited sister Future sites T3 and Computer Arts and picked up a PPA award for being a 'Digital Native', he still has a soft spot for the printed word. Tom has since moved into digital content marketing.