Tips for creating 3D clouds

The first step is to create the model for the clouds, and it’s a good idea to make it an irregular shape, as this will look more realistic. However, that depends on what effect we want the 3D art to achieve.

After we have created the model, we can create the cloud material. To do this, we have to open the Node Editor panel and the shaders: Texture Coordinate, Mapping, Image Texture (or a default texture), Hue Saturation Value, Invert, Volume Absorption, Volume Scatter, Add Shader, Emission, another Add Shader and at the end, the Material Output. 

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Pietro Chiovaro
3D Artist

Pietro is a freelance 3D artist and YouTuber with more than 10 years of experience in different fields of 3D production, from animated movies to VFX and game production. He shares many of his creations on his YouTube channel @PietroChiovaro.