Which blockchain should you use?

For most developers, the question of whether blockchain will have a transformative effect on their jobs is settled. For those still to be convinced, the very fact that different blockchains are fundamentally networks with protocols for sharing and storing information should indicate how they will reconfigure the internet stack. However, it is still an emerging technology with underlying issues that need to be resolved.

This phase isn't unfamiliar if you are used to seeing different languages, frameworks or approaches fade out of the limelight. That's why, for now, the best approach is to remain blockchain agnostic. But this is very different to ignoring the technology. Instead, you should understand the fundamentals, understand the issues and take your first steps into developing for this future state.

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Craig Sproule is the founder and CEO of Crowd Machine. He has been working in software development for over 30 years, during which time he has held many senior positions at software companies.