Boost D3.js charts with SVG gradients

Nadieh Bremer will be at Generate London in September, where she'll be demonstrating how to take SVG beyond mere shapes, using JavaScript, CSS and D3.js to make data visualisations even more fun and exciting. Book your ticket now!

D3.js has taken over the world of interactive data visualisation. An enormous number of examples can be found, each showcasing its own fun and useful twist on the library. You see, D3 is not a charting library, but something much better. It gives you only the basic tools to create data visualisations, and in doing so enables you to create practically anything you can think of. Even though some ideas might take more time than others, you'll get there eventually. And this freedom is exactly what I love about D3.

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Nadieh Bremer is a data visualisation designer at Adyen.