How to create 3D grass

3D grass can be created in a variety of different ways and is an essential asset to any natural environment or arch-vis rendering. One of the most common techniques to create this piece of 3D art is to scatter individual blades of grass across a surface or use a hair system to generate grass geometry. 

In this tutorial we will take a different approach. In the following steps we will use the procedural power of Houdini to instance and layer the HyperGrass assets across a terrain and use Redshift to render a realistic field of grass. HyperGrass is a modular 3D grass library designed around the growth patterns of real grass. It is divided into a number of growth categories that can be layered and combined together for incredible detail and realism. The complete HyperGrass collection is available from Vertex Library.

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Greg is a CG generalist with over a decade of experience in games and VFX. He is also the owner and founder of Vertex Library.