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Create your own bucket list with this gorgeous HTML5 site

BucketListly, designed and developed by Pete R, is a community that sets out to help users unlock achievements in real life while inspiring others to do the same. Built using Ruby on Rails with HTML5, SCSS, CoffeeScript and jQuery, the platform has the ability to let travellers and adventurers share their stories with their friends on the site as well as their connected social networks.

When a user shares a story on BucketListly, the platform automatically tracks what, when and where they've completed that life goals, letting them earn special badges and displaying all that data in a beautiful timeline and map.

The purposefully-sparse design is heavy on clear UI copywriting, which helps new users understand how to get started and begin tracking their goal. Once a goal is unlocked, it uploads their photography and crafts a story of their own personal travel adventure.

Words: Chris Cashdollar

Christopher is vice president of design for Happy Cog and co-founder of PhilaMade. He educates clients on the benefits of a user-focused and research-driven design process. This article originally appeared in net magazine issue 253.