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Build a simple HTML page

Now that you've designed a page for your online store following the tips we gave you in last month's tutorial, the next stage is to build the HTML. As you've already given the store a vaguely Web 2.0 look, it's best to follow that through with some modern HTML. That means using semantic mark-up that degrades gracefully, which is just a fancy pants way of saying that you should split the relationship between a site's content and what it looks like.

You should aim to create the cleanest code possible, so here you'll take the brave step of doing most of the work directly with the source code. For this tutorial you'll use Adobe GoLive, although any application that lets you tinker with the source code directly, even a text editor, would do.

There's loads to cover in this short, 13-step tutorial, so it's probably a good idea to open the completed index.html and shirtshack.css files included in the support filess and follow the process step-by- step before trying again from scratch with a blank HTML page. We've included all the chopped up graphics, too.

Click here to download the tutorial for free