Blind artist transforms famous art into hypnotic GIFs


The jury might still be out on how you pronounce GIFs but one thing's for certain, when done right they can become enthralling works of art in their own right, as this collection by Native American artist George Redhawk reveals.

While most of us use GIFs to add a dash of humour to emails, Redhawk has turned them into impressive pieces of mesmerising art. His experimental designs are created by combining famous photographs and pieces of digital art with specialist photo morphing software conventionally used by the visually impaired. The result is a gallery of endlessly changing animated images that challenge how people see the world.

Titled "The World Through My Eyes", this collection of GIFs are all the more impressive when you consider that Redhawk is legally blind. This hasn't stopped him from creating, however, and his GIFs have has gone on to inspire other artists all over the world.

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This surreal GIF transforms a picture by Beethy Photography
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This animation transforms the work of Adam Martinakis
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It's easy to lose track of time while viewing these GIFs
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George Redhawk was a medical student before he lost his sight
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Here Redhawk used Lyubomir Sergeev's photography as a starting point
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Redhawk's artwork has inspired many to never give up or lose faith