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WATCH THIS! Kinetic rain sculpture at Changi airport, Singapore

When design agency ART+COM were asked to construct a sculpture for the Departure Check-in hall of Singapore Airport’s Terminal 1, they couldn't have relished the task more. Known for their innovative style and kinetic creations, we wouldn't expect anything less than the best from these guys. And that's exactly what they produced.

This kinetic rain sculpture is divided into two sections, each consisting of 608 rain 'droplets.' The droplets are made from lightweight aluminium and covered in copper. But how do they move? Well, the droplets are suspended in the air above the escalators with the use of fine steel ropes. A computer-controlled monitor is hidden in the ceiling and controls every single droplet individually.

The rain follows a 15-minute computer-controlled choreography, which is simply stunning. We wouldn't mind having some of these sculptures in our airports! Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

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