5 movie-inspired paper art miniatures

Movie paper art

You'll want to look at this paper art forever, and ever, and ever...

The paper craft origami has fascinated artists for generations. With a few folds and a bit of technical know-how, a blank piece of paper is capable of being transformed into practically anything. Artist Ruben Martinez has taken the idea further with kirigami, a variation of paper art where sheets are both folded and cut.

Movie paper art

This paper art looks great when back-lit

For his latest project, Ruben has created scaled down miniatures featuring some of his favourite horror and thriller movie characters. His company, the appropriately named The Smallest Boy, chose these films as they have been ingrained in the memories of filmgoers for generations.

Movie paper art

Classic thriller scenes get an artistic reimagining

Each piece is designed and generated on paper by Ruben. By using different coloured sheets of paper, he is able to build up striking artwork that channels the terror of the films he's aiming to recreate.

Movie paper art

Each piece is carefully assembled by hand

To achieve meticulous levels of detail and precision, Andre uses laser cutting tools to carve his paper into shape. This allows him to recreate intricate designs such as the hypnotic swirls on the Vertigo poster.

Movie paper art

Probably a good idea not to take paper art into the shower

Once the different elements have been cut out Andre puts them together them by hand. Considering each piece is made of lots of small bits of paper the assembly has to be done incredibly carefully. The slightest breath could ruin hours of careful work!

Movie paper art

These five paper minatures are available to buy online

The hard work is worth it though as Andre's miniatures look truly stunning. With fine details picked out and eye-catching colours on display, these kirigami creations would be that perfect addition to any movie buff's home. And the good news is they're all available to buy on The Smallest Boy site.

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