Brendan Dawes unveils beautiful prints made with data

Designer Brendan Dawes is today launching Design Plus Data, a project which will regularly publish a series of limited edition prints made with data that will be available to buy every few months. Purchasers will also get access to the source code via a private Git repo so they can see how it was done and create their own remixes.

Dawes told us: "I do a lot of this kind of work for clients but as part of my process of trying to improve and learn things everyday I also make things for myself to explore new systems and patterns. Whilst it's all well and good having these things that I made for myself laying around, I’d rather release these things so other people can own them – for me it feels more real, like they’re actual things.

From a series of images depicting goals scored in the World Cup

From a series of images depicting goals scored in the World Cup

"I also hope it encourages Git users to explore using this tool more. It’s been a revelation for me over the last few years as it lets me explore things whilst I work. I wrote a piece about a designer's use of Git a while back on Medium. I think I probably use it in a very simple way but it works for me."

He added: "By viewing the code of the Git repo people can see the process of going from an idea to a final piece, complete with bits of dodgy code, mistakes and other such things!"

The three images you see here were created in Processing, which Dawes told us has been his tool of choice for the last ten years: "I continue to love Processing. For me it’s a blank canvas that allows me to shape instructions in the form of code into pretty much anything I want to make, be that large format prints or bizarre 3D models for printing on my Makerbot."

The data for these images came from's unofficial World Cup API. "The three images depict all the goal scorers from the tournament, visually linked to their team. Number 2 lists every player in the tournament with all the goal scorers highlighted."

Head over to Design Plus Data to buy these prints

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Tanya Combrinck

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