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Build mobile apps and improve your CSS with net mag

Got burning questions about mobile apps? Learn everything you ever wanted to know about mobile apps in Jon Boydell’s rundown of all the tools, frameworks and techniques you need to become a master of mobile.

This issue’s second feature tackles scalable vector graphics, which – as you’ll discover – can be used for much more than just creating and animating shapes.

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In our voices section we join net’s young designer of the year, the self-styled CSS wizard Harry Roberts, in a rooftop bar in Leeds to find out about the dangers of ‘view source’ addiction and how you go about solving big businesses’ code puzzles.

Plus, Paul Woods argues that shooting for success does not mean working all the hours God sends, and we corner some web pros to find out their approach to prototyping.

We usual, we have a top range of practical tutorials. This there’s an introduction to the new ‘non-frameworky’ framework Ampersand.js, a closer look at how to write the CSS of the Internet of Things and a step-by-step guide to creating a beautiful online portfolio using Semplice (and 50% off Semplice for all readers).

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