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Facebook targets mobile everywhere


The new 'Facebook for Every Phone' app enables photo upload and commenting

Of late, focus regarding Facebook for mobile has been on cutting-edge devices, with much of the noise centring on when an iPad client might finally arrive. However, Facebook wants its reach to be total and with Facebook for Every Phone, the social giant aims to offer a "fast and comprehensive Facebook experience on over 2,500 different phones", according to the site.

The app can be downloaded either from by scrolling to the download link, or directly from The app itself requires a Java-enabled device, somewhat resembles the popular iPhone app, and offers access to Facebook's news feed, inbox and photos.

Facebook has also announced that in order to enable more users to try the new app, it's collaborated with a number of carriers, offering 90 days of free data access. It adds that its app is highly optimised, so will cost less to use after the expiry of the 90-day period.

Carriers that Facebook has struck a deal with include Three in the UK, TMN in Portugal and O2 Telefonica in Germany.

Judging by the massive comments thread at the bottom of the Facebook for Every Phone page, the response has been mixed.

Facebook's lack of a device list has led to some users being angry that their device seemingly isn't supported. However, some users have found more luck in ensuring they're using their device's original browser for accessing the install link, rather than a third-party product.