How to run effective meetings

For more on how teams can collaborate better, don't miss Alison Coward, founder of  Bracket and author of  A Pocket Guide to Effective Workshops, at Generate London next week (20-22 Sept). There are still some tickets available. 

You probably harbour some resentment towards meetings. Perhaps you've got a plan for getting out of them permanently. Maybe while at university, you built the next killer iApplication and it will reap such monumental rewards you'll never have to sit in a conference room in your entire professional life. Or perhaps after slaving away on award-winning client sites since before you could game Altavista with the phrase "Britney Spears", you're confident that soon royalty checks and speaking gigs should keep you from having to sit in a boring meeting ever again.

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Kevin specialises in design, information architecture and user experience. He is the founder of Seven Heads Design.