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How we made the new show opener video for Generate

Generate video

Conference season has begun, and the very first Generate conference of 2016 is taking place in New York on Friday. There are still some tickets left, so if you want to see talks from exciting people such as Dan Mall, Hannah Donovan, Meg Lewis and Stacey Mulcahy head on over here. There's even a 20 per cent discount for Creative Bloq readers, which you can claim using the code 'Generate20' at the checkout.

Here are 11 more substantive reasons why this event is not to be missed. If you can't make New York, there are four more Generates this year in San Francisco, Sydney, London and Bangalore.

Naturally this quintet of conferences deserves an extravagant video treatment, which we're unveiling here for the first time:

"I wanted to take the idea of objects and forms being 'generated' in a hypnotic and captivating manner," says Dan Pearce, who made the animation.

He first looked at fractal software and plug-ins to achieve this effect, but what he found was slow and difficult to work with. Further research led him to a 3D Studio Max plug-in called 'FoldMeshFX' by Vladislav Bodyul which allowed meshes to fold and unfold in a variety of interesting ways.

"I set to work creating various forms and shots where the names were revealed through or around these unfolding objects. Folding starts at a selected polygon or groups of polygons, and the script has some nice additions such as 'springiness' and various directions of unfold."

Combined with the atmospheric music the final animation is a dream-like alternative to many show openers which tend to be fast-moving and bolder in tone.

The piece was created and rendered using 3D Studio Max 2015 and Mental Ray. It took around three weeks, plus many, many hours of rendering on a 100 core+ render farm.

Tanya Combrinck is digital editor on net magazine.