Uncover the future of CSS with the new net

Explore the exciting new features coming to CSS

As we welcome in 2016, the net team have cast their eyes ahead to see how the industry will look in the coming year.

CSS tooling and techniques are currently in the midst of a significant shift. The Cover Feature this issue explores the exciting future for style sheets, from CSS Shapes and modular CSS, to PostCSS and media queries.

And CSS is just one of the things that will move on in the coming year. What else will 2016 bring? Will security rise to meet new stresses being placed on it? Will the Internet of Things finally become an actual thing? And are we facing a point where adverts literally pop out of the screen and smack us in the face? In our Second Feature, the team have rounded up the 22 top web pros and asked them to predict the trends that will matter.

22 web pros reveal the trends to keep an eye on

If you're looking for somewhere to experiment and explore all these new techniques, why not try CodePen Pro? The team is offering readers a three-month trial totally free to all net readers.

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Material Design is no doubt on your radar by now, but for many applying this look to a real project seems daunting. Enter Material Design Lite. In the Projects section there's a guide to getting stuck in.

Add a Material Design vibe to your designs easily with this new template

Elsewhere in the issue ...

Tackle complex shapes in CSS

Paul Kinlan explores the impact of progressive web apps

Node.js can help designers boost their productivity. Find out how in the Projects section

Raquel Vélez explores how we can get new coders set up as efficiently as possible

Dive into Atom, GitHub's award-winning hackable text editor

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