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Kickstarter crowdfunding Super Bowl ad

Wanted: $3.5million for Super Bowl ad

Wanted: $3.5million for Super Bowl ad

We've mentioned Kickstarter a few times in .net's news, not least when developer Jaisen Mathai decided to use the service to fund his Flickr alternative OpenPhoto. But today, we got wind of a rather more ambitious plan, at least in terms of funding.

Kentucky for Kentucky is attempting to crowd-fund, produce and air the "most epic Super Bowl commercial in 2012 for the great state of Kentucky". A press release explains: "This project will be made possible through Kickstarter with help from a bunch of kick-ass Kentuckians. In addition to being the world's first crowd-funded Super Bowl commercial, we also plan to break the record for the most money ever raised on Kickstarter. When it's all said and done, the world will know, as we do, how awesome Kentucky is."

If you need any further convincing (and we suspect you might), the Kickstarter page helpfully notes: "Kentuckians have created some of the greatest cultural influences of all time. We first sung Happy Birthday, we first fried chicken, we first slapped high fives. We invented bourbon, bluegrass music, and the motherfreaking Kentucky Derby. We birthed cool with Clooney, Depp, and Hunter S. Thompson." If you're well off and like Kentucky an awful lot, you can even pledge $10,000 to get your face "in front of millions of people" (presumably via the ad).

At the time of writing, nearly 500 backers have pledged over $66,000. The fund point: $3.5million. That's going to need a lot of ass-kicking to reach.