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Sabre to open B2B travel app centre


Sabre Travel Network's plans may provide opportunities to developers

Sabre Travel Network, a global technology company serving travel agencies and suppliers, has announced it is building the world's first B2B application store for the travel industry, which will "connect travel buyers, including travel agencies, travel management companies (TMCs) and tour operators, with third-party app providers".

The Red App Centre, says a press release, will provide current Sabre Authorized Developers a marketplace to "promote and sell their certified Red Apps to Sabre agencies globally, while also providing a platform and business model to attract new developers to the industry".

"Travel and tourism is the world's largest industry, and the Sabre Red App Centre will open up a world of possibilities for developers," said Chris Kroeger, senior vice president, marketing for Sabre Travel Network. "The new marketplace will provide a new revenue stream for developers, enabling them to grow their businesses, while providing creative and original applications for travel buyers."

The company says apps could range from simple utilities to those that proactively manage travel reservations by sending travel notifications and destination tips to travellers. It adds that the apps can be built using "standard programming languages including Java, SWT, Flash/Flex and HTML as well as proprietary Sabre development languages such as Qik and Scribe". A launch is planned for October and Sabre says it's then planning to host a 'Developer Challenge' for developers around the world to build the most innovative, break-through Red Apps.

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