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Take the 2012 .net survey!

In just three weeks .net's inaugural Web Design and Development survey 2012, in association with Acquia and inspired by A List Apart's Web Design Survey, has smashed through 1,000 responses, and looks set to be the magazine's most successful survey in its 16 year history. But we still need your help!

Once the survey has concluded, we will provide designers and developers with a unique dataset. As a thank you to all those that take the time to complete the survey, we will make the majority of the information we collect available as a free download after the 20 March closing date. .net will be working with a partner agency to showcase what can be achieved with this exclusive dataset.

"We work in a quicksilver industry, where new trends and practices are continually emerging," says .net's editor-in-chief Dan Oliver. "This survey will enable us to take an annual snapshot, not just of our readership, but of the web design and development industry as a whole."

"We firmly believe that the web should be an open platform," Oliver says. "And this kind of transparency is what the .net audience demands. We hope that once the survey has closed, and the data is made available, we're going to see some really engaging applications that use our data. We'll obviously be featuring the best in .net magazine!"

We will be announcing our data via our partner agency later this week, so stay tuned for more info, and don't forget to have your say at