The world's first colour e-ink monitor is essentially a 25-inch Kindle

Dasung Paperlike Colour E-ink monitor used by woman in a navy blazer at a desk
(Image credit: Dasung)

There's something new coming to the market in the form of the world's first-ever E-ink computer monitor that supports colour. Typographers will appreciate this new Paperlike offering from the tech company, Dasung, which promises a 25.3-inch display that's much friendlier on the eyes in comparison with the usual blue light-emitting LED and OLED display screens most of us might be accustomed to.

If you've never heard of the term E-ink before, you're not alone. We think we have a pretty solid grasp on what it means when in reference to e-readers (think Kindle Paperwhite) and other devices which aim to display visuals resembling real paper.

Dasung Paperlike Colour E-ink monitor used by woman in a navy blazer at a desk

(Image credit: Dasung)

E-ink or "electronic ink" displays are said to be much more efficient on battery life, lasting weeks instead of days, and easier on the eyes too without any emitted blue light or screen glare to worry about while using a monitor in direct daylight. 

E-ink technology uses some pretty fascinating chemistry to display more natural paper-like on-screen textures as opposed to regular digital Word documents and PDFs. But the application of E-ink on larger computer screens has been relatively untapped, until now. 

The concept of E-ink as a technology has been around for over a decade, but Dasung Tech Co has been creating special display terminals since 2014 that feature global E-ink applications and has recently made the breakthrough into much larger 25.3-inch displays that boast colour – ideal for comic book illustrators, students writing essays, journalists, coders, and pretty much anyone spending hours looking at screens.

Paperlike Color is a new range of Dasung monitors that utilizes E-ink technology in what is being called a new era of captivating colour. E-ink displays that still resemble printed paper will be popular with many work-from-home creatives, offering enhanced focus. 

But it's worth mentioning that if you're in need of a monitor for video editing or a reliable true colour-accurate RGB monitor for photo editing then this is probably not the best product for you. As a photographer, this monitor is not one that I would personally invest in as I work with vibrant colours and rely on these being correct in both print and on a website. But I definitely get the appeal and aesthetic of paperlike documents on a digital display. 

Dasung Paperlike Colour E-ink monitor next to a laptop

(Image credit: Dasung)

We can see from the latest press images that the Dasung Paperlike Colour 25.3-inch monitor looks a little washed out without much vibrancy (though, we're yet to see it in person), but the specifications of this industry-changing new monitor suggest it makes use of 4096 colours, and can deliver an astonishing 3K ultra-high definition resolution through the Kaleido 3 Color E-ink Screen. 

There's also Dasung X-colour filters that are optimised to enhance colour contrast, increase brightness, and offer text clarity, and dynamic colour effects. The Dasung Turbo Ultra-Speed refresh technology is also expected to deliver an incredibly smooth viewing experience.

Dasung Paperlike Colour E-ink monitor used by woman in a navy blazer at a desk

(Image credit: Dasung)

If you're interested in trying out one of these 25.3-inch E-ink colour monitors for yourself, then you can preorder one via Indiegogo and sign up to the mailing list for updates. There's no word on the price yet, but considering that the Dasung non-colour Paperlike 25.3-inch monitor is listed for $1,748 / £1,362 it's a safe bet that we can expect it to be in the $2000/£1,800 + bracket, at a guestimate. 

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