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Final Cut bundle
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Despite a series of seemingly powerful and affordable video-editing software that’s flooded the market in recent years, Final Cut Pro remains the leading industry standard when it comes to creating truly pro-level edits and polished films.

The Complete Final Cut Pro X Course will walk you through everything from the absolute basics of this ubiquitous editing infrastructure to its more nuanced elements and tricks, and it's available right now for over 90 per cent off at just $14.99.

Even though this powerhouse program has been hailed for its simplicity and relatively intuitive interface, if you want to take advantage of everything it has to offer you're going to need to have the right instructions by your side. For other options, see our roundup of top video-editing software.

Get a full understanding of Final Cut Pro

Whether you're interested in launching a full-fledged career in film production or simply want to work as a freelancer in your spare time, you're going to need to have an in-depth understanding of how Final Cut Pro is used in order to splice film, add coloration, incorporate audio, and much more.

With four hours of content spread over 38 lectures led by award-winning instructor Joe Parys, this training is your one-stop resource for learning how to create high-quality videos for reports, presentations, movies, and much more.

You'll learn about editing tricks to save you countless hours while you work, keyframe animation techniques to bring your projects to life, colour correction and grading elements that will allow your videos to be viewed in their original form in any medium, speed manipulation, transitions, effects applications, and much more.

If you're primarily interested in creating videos for social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, the course will walk you through the different formatting requirements you need to know to ensure that your videos play smoothly online. Each course uses real-world examples in order to eliminate any confusion.

Lifetime access to this course also means that you'll be able to learn at your own pace while revisiting content whenever you need, and it's even possible to follow along with your training on your mobile device – making this course ideal for people who need to learn on the go.

Learn how to harness the full power of Final Cut Pro with the Complete Final Cut Pro X Course. Usually priced at $200, this extensive training is on sale for just $14.99 today – over 90 per cent off its usual price for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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