AI art gets even more bizarre in viral ‘make it more’ trend

AI generated images with the prompt 'more'
(Image credit: Brent Goldman via X)

The internet is constantly testing the boundaries of AI, but a recent trend pushed AI to its very limits, prompting it to concoct the most bizarre images possible. The 'make it more' trend takes a basic prompt, escalating it to the realms of complete absurdity – not stopping until the result is beyond recognition.

The purpose? To find out what the spiciest ramen looks like, or to imagine the world's cutest dog – groundbreaking stuff, that's for certain. (If you'd like to create your own AI art, check out our guide to the best AI art generators). 

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The trend uses Open AI's image generator DALL-E to create the chaotic masterpieces, which are surprisingly easy to create. To begin, you simply need a basic prompt. For example, you could input: 'Make a cute cat', and from there you can push the AI generator to make it cuter and cuter (although it's worth noting that past a certain point, 'cute' becomes slightly terrifying). 

Users have tried a number of different themes and descriptors, inviting the AI to produce increasingly absurd images. Often the images escalate to such vivid obscurity that it's hard to distinguish the original prompt, which makes for some oddly majestic creations. 

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I'm constantly impressed with the creativity that's applied to AI art. It's refreshing to see examples of AI being used as a fun tool, rather than a foray into a troubling dystopian future, and this (slightly silly) viral trend is the perfect reminder of the lighter side of artificial intelligence.

For more AI stories, check out the viral Pixar AI pet portrait trend or take a look at the AI yearbook trend that's giving us major 90's nostalgia. 

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Natalie Fear
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