These AI-generated movie posters are the best and worst thing you'll see today

AI movie posters
(Image credit: robomojo)

AI-generated art has arguably been the design world's most hotly debated topic of 2022. With the advent of powerful tools like DALL·E 2, we're seeing no end of weird and wonderful (but mostly weird) examples of algorithm-induced imagery. And these movie posters might just be the strangest yet.

Described as "a cultural feedback loop," robomojo is a project that sees various movie posters re-rendered in AI – and the results are a masterclass in demonstrating the tightrope AI-generated art often walks between hilarious and downright terrifying. (Looking for more examples? Check out the weirdest AI art yet created using DALL·E 2.)

Described as a "cultural feedback loop," the robomojo project is responsible for some of the most cursed poster designs we've seen. Rather than impressively imposing techno robots, Transformers is apparently now the story of very sad Thomas the Tank Engine character. Spider-man, meanwhile, tells the story of a man whose head is a literal spider. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a tiger that is crouching, and a dragon that is hiding.

And then there are the absolute shockers. The Na'vi from Avatar are now bald men in blue makeup who stare creepily out of cars? Jaws is now about a shark with not one, but two mouths? The Devil Wears Prada is about the actual devil walking around in red lingerie? Help. 

robomojo has claimed in the comments that various AI image tools are used for the project, including DALL·E 2. It isn't clear what prompts are fed into the tool to create the image, but it's clear that the tool has some knowledge of poster design – from Pretty Woman to Taxi Driver, many of the posters resemble the film's actual design (albeit with the main character's head as a pig, or something).

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Daniel John
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