Old Apple charger storage feature has blown our minds

A feature now confined to the Apple design bin has just resurfaced on social media and is causing fierce debate amongst users (and amongst the Creative Bloq team, if we're honest). Apparently, Apple MacBook chargers used to house two hooks that could slide out to allow you to wrap the cable around them – and a surprising number of people never knew about it. 

Shared on a Facebook reel entitled "I was today years old when I figured this out", the handy cable management system was ditched by Apple in favour of a removable cable. We (well, most of us) think the feature was bona fide design genius and wish it had stuck around (maybe with a modification or two). If you've got no idea what we're on about, check out the (slightly blurry) image below (and see our best MacBooks guide, too). Then check out the full reel on Joi Siat's Facebook page.

Joi Siat Apple Charger

A (slightly blurry) demo of the neat design (Image credit: Joi Siat on Facebook)

Apple removed this feature way back in 2015, with the 12-inch MacBook. Apparently, this is because Apple realised that users were coiling the cable too tightly around the hooks, leading to broken wires. It was replaced by a removable cable, so users wouldn't have to replace the whole unit if the wire broke.

As well as being divided in whether they knew about the feature or not, commenters on the post are in two camps regarding this issue: those who wish this feature still existed and those who think it was a waste of time in the first place. Rather than ditching it, maybe Apple could have provided another inbuilt solution for those of us who panic about unkempt wires.

Essential or not, this is neat design innovation that aims to solve a problem – and we're always happy to celebrate that. For more on Apple's (rumoured) game-changing tech, check out the latest on the perhaps-upcoming iPhone Ultra (if true, selfies could be transformed forever). 

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