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Often, it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. The solution, we are told, is to ‘work smarter’ – but how do you do that? This issue, the net team asked a selection of web designers and developers for their tips for boosting productivity – whether that’s by automating repetitive tasks, making use of open source modules and snippets, or finally learning your keyboard shortcuts. But a warning: pushing yourself too hard isn’t healthy for anyone. So alongside the practical tips are some methods for ensuring you look after yourself too.

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This issue’s freebie is doubly good: users will get an ebook on HTML5 and CSS and a source of UI design with Sketch 3, all courtesy of SitePoint.

In the Projects section you’ll learn how to develop a virtual realty web app, create forms that work smoothly on any device, and manage your JavaScript files so your users don’t have to wait for content.

The Voices section is a space for web professionals to air their views and share experiences. This month, Ben Sauer takes a look a development in voice interfaces that might prove to be a real game-changer; Catt Small considers why, despite the best intentions and latest tech, we struggle to create products that effect real social change; and we chat to Sara Soueidan about how she pulled herself back from burnout. 

Elsewhere in the mag: 

  • Love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t get away from them. Your guide to getting started with GIFs
  • Discover which CSS framework you should be using, via a handy quiz from the makers of Buzzfeed
  • The design team behind the world-conquering Airbnb share their secrets
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Ruth Hamilton
Ruth Hamilton is associate editor of Creative Bloq, and former acting editor of net magazine. She has also worked on Creative Bloq's sister publication, Computer Arts.