New bunny-themed video game looks like a dystopian dream

Bunnerly game art by Facundo Aviusso
(Image credit: Facundo Aviusso/Ethereal Studio)

An adorable new game is coming to the Epic Games Store and it looks like a must-play for animal lovers and fans of badass cyberpunk aesthetics. Bunnerly is an action-adventure game where you step into the shoes (or paws, I suppose) of a glowing rabbit, exploring the vast cyber city in the hunt for your little fluffy companions.

From what I've seen so far, I'm getting major 'Stray' vibes with its futuristic setting and ultra-cute protagonist and I can't wait to see how the game develops. (If you want to level up your setup, check out our collection of the best gaming PCs). 

Screenshot from Bunnerly by Ethereal Studio

(Image credit: Ethereal Studio/Facundo Aviusso)

Bunnerly is a solo project developed by Facundo Aviusso, who works under the studio title: Ethereal Studio. The game follows a glowing white rabbit as he weaves through city streets to complete his quest to rescue his precious offspring. From gameplay snippets released on the game's official X page, the level design is heavily inspired by a futuristic steampunk aesthetic – reminiscent of recent releases like Cyberpunk 2077.

While a bunny isn't typically the most obvious option for an action-adventure protagonist, Aviusso expertly uses the Bunny's petite scale to open up exciting pathways in the gameplay. From naviagating sewer systems to hopping around on precarious platforms, it's a game that balances skill and wit where users will have to "Solve puzzles, jump n' hack" their way to victory.

"With neon-lit streets, you navigate a dystopian world using your luminescence to guide you," reads the description of the official launch trailer. "Facing technological dangers and cybernetic adversaries, your determination will fuel your every jump and hack. Will you be able to reunite with your beloved bunnies in the digital labyrinth of this city?"

As of now, Bunnerly has no official release date, but you can keep up to date via the game's official website. You can also add the game to your wishlist via the Epic Games Store, or check for updates on YouTube, Reddit and X.

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