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Cyber Monday TV deals: Where to find the best deals in 2021

The best Cyber Monday TV deals

Cyber Monday TV deals

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What size TV are you after?

01. 32-49-inch TV deals
02. 50-59-inch TV deals
03. 60-85-inch TV deals

The Cyber Monday TV deals may be a while away yet, but there's no reason not to be prepared, right? Last year we saw some incredible offers on some of the best TVs around, so if you want to say goodbye to that undersized screen with questionable 'Smart' features, and give your home entertainment setup the upgrade you've been wanting without emptying your bank account, you'll want to bookmark this page.

Whether you're after a bigger screen, fancy moving up from HD to 4K or want to treat your eyes to the amazing contrast of a cutting-edge OLED display, if the Cyber Monday Tv deals from 2020 are anything to go by, you could be set to make some huge savings this year. 

So, when will we see the best Cyber Monday TV deals? Almost certainly during the main event itself, which, in 2021, falls on 29 November. However, in 2020 we saw retailers across the globe kicking off the sales early, so it's a good idea to check back in the week's leading up to Cyber Monday to see what's about. 

Who has the best Cyber Monday TV deals?

There are a range of retailers offering cheap TVs this Cyber Monday. In the US, we'd recommend checking out Walmart and Best Buy as your first ports of call, as well as Amazon. In the UK, John Lewis, Currys PC World and Amazon are all good bets. There's also and retailers such as Very to consider.

Last year we saw some incredible deals on top-quality TVs from big brands including Sony, Samsung and LG, featuring everything from a modest 32-inch screen, to a whopper of an 82-inch screen to fill a cinema room. So if you can hold off buying a new screen until the Cyber Monday TV deals land, it could well save you a fortune.

Take a look below to see a selection of the best Cyber Monday TV deals from 2020, many of which the prices have changes slightly (which we have updated) but are still available now. 

Cyber Monday TV deals: 32-49 inch

Once upon a time, a 32-inch TV was the stuff of dreams and it would have taken two people to get it into your home. Today 32 inches seems to be the bare minimum for a new TV, but it's still a great size for smaller rooms or if you're simply not that bothered about having a giant screen.

Below is a selection of the best deals on TVs at the smaller end of the scale. If space is tight then you're bound to find a petite display to suit, at a cracking price.

Cyber Monday 32-49-inch TV deals: US

Cyber Monday 32-49 inch TV deals: UK

Cyber Monday TV deals: 50-59 inch

If you're hot for 4K then you really need a screen that does it justice, and that where these TVs come into their own. With 50+ inches of display you'll really appreciate the crisp detail that you get at 4K, especially if it's augmented with HDR for better contrast and richer colours. And if you want the absolute best picture quality and don't mind paying for it, now's the time to get kitted out with an ultra-high contrast OLED TV.

Cyber Monday 50-59 inch TV deals: US

Cyber Monday 50-59 inch TV deals: UK

Cyber Monday TV deals: 60-85 inch

You want big? We got big. Until pretty recently if you wanted to enjoy a display this massive you'd have had to spring for a projector, not to mention a screen, sound system and probably some blackout curtains so that you could watch in the daytime. These huge TVs are perfect for getting that cinematic experience and while some are terrifyingly expensive there are also some absolute bargains to be had, especially at the moment.

Cyber Monday 60-85 inch TV deals: US

Cyber Monday 60-85 inch TV deals: UK

Are TV deals better on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

It's hard to say which is best. We are seeing some retailers offer further discounts than they did on Black Friday, but in other cases Black Friday deals are expiring and TVs are going back to their normal prices. So the short answer is: it varies. If you see a deal you like, we'd advise you to buy it, because you just don't know when it might sell out or jump up in price.

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