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Funny stop-motion skeletons celebrate Day of the Dead

Having grown in popularity over the years, the traditional Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead has developed into a globally recognised occasion, along with instantly recognisable experimental design work associated with the holiday. To help celebrate the event, GREY Canada has worked with Bent Image Lab to create a digital campaign which features stop-motion animated skeletons toasting a drink with their living comrades.

The celebration itself focuses on families and friends coming together to remember loved ones who have passed away, as well as supporting their spiritual journey to the other side. Made for el Jimador tequila, the campaign entitled #welcomeback ties into the inclusivity of the day by welcoming everyone to enjoy the party - including the dead.

Developed over several weeks, the amusing videos take a tongue-in-cheek look at the problems skeletons might face if they came to life for a drink. It seems that not having any money to pay for a round or having passable ID are problems that still haunt you even after you're dead. Brought to life with highly detailed and textural stop-motion animation, these shorts tastefully referred to the vibrant imagery associated with the Day of the Dead.

“Tequila continues to expand in global popularity. And with the rising popularity of Day of the Dead celebrations, we recognized an opportunity to play a part in the holiday,” said Darlene Remlinger, President at GREY Toronto.

“Given the importance of the artistic symbolism associated with the day, we were thrilled to partner with Bent Image Labs, and the visual craftsmanship they provided to create these stories.”

Dom Carter
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