The people in Gran Turismo 7 are completely and utterly terrifying

Gamers have been oohing and aahing over the graphics of Gran Turismo 7 ever since the game was announced a few months back. It finally dropped on PS4 and PS5 today - and we're now discovering that not every aspect of the graphics is as beautiful as the cars.

Photo Mode lets gamers take a beautiful, wallpaper-worthy shot from their ride. But gamers have spotted that, if you angle the camera just right, you can take a closer look at the bystanders. And, um, do it at your peril. (Fancy your chances? Check out the latest PS5 restock news.)

Gran Turismo 7 screenshot showing a low quality person model

I'm so sorry (Image credit: The Verge)

Far from the ultra-realistic treatment given to the cars, the actual people in Gran Turismo 7 look straight out of a PS2, nay, PS1 game. Jagged edges? Check. Dodgy lighting? Yup. Terrifying, dead-behind-the-eyes faces overlaid atop low-polygon heads? Afraid so.

Now, obviously the people aren't the stars of the show. But it's amusing that a game already so revered for its stunning visuals features such stunningly bad character models. The Verge shared some screenshots from Photo Mode (below), and we have a feeling they'll be revisiting us in our nightmares tonight.

Naturally, gamers have been quick to defend the monstrosities on Twitter. "For the record, spectators and crowds in racing games are heavily reduced in quality because the graphical fidelity that *actually matters* are things like the cars," one user comments, while another adds, "Oh no, it's almost as if a game about Simulation car racing focused on Cars and Tracks and didn't focus on people because all you would see is a blur." Fair enough. But still, look at them. 

From the botched GTA: Remastered character models to the PlayStation logo from behind, we've seen a few cursed gaming images lately. That said, gamers can be a hard bunch to please - just take a look at the ridiculous response to the new Pokemon trainers.

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