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Improve your music and video production skills

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Starting from the bottom isn't easy. But most of the time, it's necessary as well as fulfilling. If your dream is to become the next big music or video producer or start incorporating A/V aspects into your work more professionally, then this Professional Video & Audio Production Bundle with 11 hours of training could set you on your way. Note: the Adobe software is not included with this purchase.

In the audio production course, you'll get access to 33 lectures, and three hours of helpful content covering everything from finding the right equipment to audio editing and mixing audio to make it sound professional. If you're looking for more, dive into another 16 lectures that focus on audio mixing and voice processing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. You'll become skilled in adding effects to audio clips, adding gain or volume, EQ essentials, noise reduction, and more. Need new kit? Check out our pick of the most powerful laptops out there right now.

Skills to take into the real world

Take these skills to the public with the techniques you learn on live streaming with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). The dedicated course offers four hours of training, which will show you how to create various scenes in OBS, use Studio Mode, create test streams, and more. You'll be able to use what you've learned to livestream on YouTube and apply relevant concepts to podcasting. 

Speaking of podcasting, this online education bundle includes a one-hour training on music production in Logic Pro X, which is essential if you're looking to produce a professional-sounding podcast – it's used by professional audio engineers and music producers worldwide. You'll learn about sound mixing for podcasts, tutorials, YouTube videos, audiobooks, and other content, as well as how to mix voice, create voiceovers, make high-quality voice mixes.


(Image credit: StackCommerce)

If you're more interested in creating and producing video, you'll enjoy learning about how to use Adobe Premiere Rush (the mobile version), Shotcut, and Logitech Capture (the software for Logitech cameras). Hoping to make it big on YouTube? No better way than to use the tools that make it easy.

You'll get two hours of lectures that cover the essentials of how to arrange and edit clips; add audio effects; use colour correction; add things like titles, filters, transitions, keyframes, and royalty music; and how to export the final product.

These six courses together will help you become more confident and improve your knowledge as a music and video producer. You can have lifetime access to the The Professional Video & Audio Production Bundle for just $39.99 when you take advantage of this sale, which saves you 96 per cent on the original price of $1,194.

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