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Leaked Dune logo causes major drama

(Image credit: Via @colecrewreview on Twitter)

A new logo for an adaptation of Dune has been leaked, and it's causing all kinds of drama. We'll start by pointing out that it's obviously not the one above. That's a fan-made recreation in pasta, and we'll get to why that's our header image in a minute. 

There are a couple of variations of the actual Dune logo doing the rounds online, but the one causing the most upset is shown below. It uses four U-shapes in different orientations to spell out the title. Cleverly, this super-minimalist design can be flipped vertically and still read the same (see our logo design tips for more inspirational examples).

This was widely reported to be the official design, but a lot of the shares are being removed for copyright reasons. Which suggests it's either not the official design, or it was released without permission.

The problem people are having is that, while it's clever and sleek and sci-fi and all that, it's not hugely legible. Especially that 'E', which, let's face it, is actually a 'C'. 

A curve-ball in the story is that the leaked photos from that French conference show a slightly different version of the Dune logo, which is apparently what the actual logo will look like. This one has a lens flare (or eclipsed planet, if you prefer) to represent that problematic missing crossbar. 

Which logo, if either, is the right one, remains to be confirmed. There's certainly something controversial going on behind the scenes at Warner Bros. But all that hasn't stopped the wave of 'fixed' logo versions making their way on to Twitter. Here's our pick of the best, which range from snarky but hilarious to actually good.

While the logo is proving contentious, fans of the Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic seem to be feeling positive about this Denis Villeneuve reboot. We'll update this article as we know more.

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