Lego just redesigned the Dune logo and everything suddenly makes sense

Lego Dune logo
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The Dune logo attracted a certain amount of banter a few years ago when an early design was leaked ahead of the release of Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of the Frank Herbert sci-fi epic. Was it Dune or Dunc? Or even June? A strategically placed eclipse/lens flare resolved the issue in the final design.

But now the controversial logo suddenly makes sense thanks to a new adaptation created for the launch of a Lego Dune set. The new design is hand crafted, if you will (see our pick of the best Lego sets for adults if you're starting your Christmas shopping).

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When images of the Dune logo first emerged back in early 2020, some saw it as an example of an aesthetic effect being used for the sake of it and at the expense of legibility. The four letters were the same curved shape turned at 90-degree angles. The problem was that the E looked like a C.

The new Lego Dune logo recreates the much-debated design using Lego minifigure hands, which just happen to be the shape of letters used in the original logo. At least, there's now a logical reason for the simplified letter forms. 

The Lego Dune logo was revealed to promote the launch of a 1,369-piece Lego Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter. The set also features a series of Dune minifigures that includes Baron Harkonnen in his long robe, surely a contender for tallest Lego minifigure we've seen along with Lord Business from the Lego Movie.

Baron Harkonnen towers over the other Lego Dune minifigures (Image credit: Lego)

Fans appreciated the clever design reference. "The LEGO hands for the dune logo is hysterical," one person wrote on Instagram. "I would watch Lego Dunc someone else wrote.

The Lego Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter is due to be released in February 2024 priced at $164.99. You can learn more about the set at the Lego website. See our picks of the best Lego city sets, the best Lego architecture sets and the best Harry Potter Lego sets for more options, or see the current online deals below.

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