Iconic films recreated in Lego are guaranteed to lift your spirits

Pulp Fiction
(Image credit: Minifig on Flickr)

Lego's uses seem to multiply by the day, with exciting collaborations and art designed by creatives around the world. With an abundance of Lego themes to play with, the humble brick has become a medium of self-expression, and we love the age-old trend of reconstructing iconic films using Lego pieces.

With a bunch of different creative minds involved in these diverse recreations, an ultimate list has been created by an online toy site. Whether you're a fan of Star Wars or Titanic, Pulp Fiction or The Matrix, these famous 20 scenes are sure to lift your spirits. We've listed some of our favourites here. If this makes you hungry for more, see our pick of top Lego art.

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"Do you trust me?" (Image credit: Nick O’Leary on Flickr)

We can hear Titanic's swelling soundtrack already. Leo and Kate have never looked happier than right here. In fact, artist Nick O'Leary said he had to "pick the angle of the photo carefully, as some looked more naughty than others". Blush. 

 Sturdy looking boat, too. 

Lego films

Originally, this film is in black and white but we like the full-colour Lego version (Image credit: Alan on Flickr)

Some creative Lego build skills were needed to make the table from 1935's Bride of Frankenstein. This is a pivotal moment in the film, in which Doctor Pretorius presents the bride of Frankenstein, and we think it captures the drama.

Kill Bill

"That woman deserves her revenge" (Image credit: Nick O’Leary on Flickr)

Possibly the least gory recreation of Kill Bill we've seen, but Uma Thurman is looking suitably... yellow. This part of the film is where she takes on O'Ren in the Japanese garden.

Indiana Jones

The atmospheric backdrop adds gravitas (Image credit: Tim Norris on Flickr)

This Indiana Jones scene is so realistic we had to double take. Complete with palm trees and a tent, it's actually from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. But we bet hardcore fans knew that.

Explore the rest of the list on The ToyZone's website. And for more detailed renditions of famous scenes, check out these awesome digital renders of Polly Pockets – each one made up to look like a famous home (think The Simpsons and Stranger Things). Or, see what happened when The Simpsons home was given a Wes Anderson makeover. Slightly creepy, but you don't want to miss it.

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